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iTrac® Cervical Curve Remodeling is your solution.

Deliver consistent, repeatable results your patients will be excited to share.

 With the posture rehabilitation topic on the minds of practitioners across the physical medicine and healthcare spectrum, there has never been a better time to provide a non-invasive, effective solution that can produce visible results in as little as 4 weeks.

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The iTrac® System’s advanced technology, patient pleasing comfort and seamless integration allows doctors to quickly and easily integrate cervical spine remodeling into their existing patient treatment plans, improve long-term patient outcomes and enhance the patient experience.

iTrac® is endorsed by Chiropractic Biophysics®, the most evidence-based
rehabilitation protocol within Chiropractic. 

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iTrac® is a patented, FDA cleared (K131983) cervical curve remodeling system that is intended for use as a conservative treatment alternative in patients presenting with cervicogenic pain symptoms of mechanical origin related to reduced cervical lordosis and altered posture. It temporarily positions the cervical spine into an extension posture of varying degrees, as determined by a clinician. This device is for prescription use only and is not provided in a sterile condition.

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