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Dan Kraus

“Ever since I saw Dr. Nichols' iTrac® units at a CBP annual a few years back, I knew that I had to have one. A couple months ago I bought two. These units have absolutely exceeded my expectations. My motivation was simple: I wanted to improve the patient experience by making it more comfortable, be more specific and consistent with the treatment, streamline the documentation and make it quicker for my staff. All these things have happened since we have been using these units. The patients love the iTrac® units and are much more likely to follow their treatment plans. I've seen tremendous changes on post x-rays too! There is also a certain "WOW" factor having such advanced equipment that, I must admit, feels good. I love impressing my patients and with these iTrac® units - I have done that and much more! 

- Dan Kraus, DC

Mark Tindall, DDS

iTrac® is amazing new technology that has changed the way I evaluate and treat patients with TMD and headaches. Referring my patients for iTrac® Therapy not only allows me to address the occlusion aspect of these conditions but we are now able to successfully address the postural component by remodeling the cervical curve, improving the patient's posture and enhancing the patient's musculoskeletal function. Working together we've had incredible success with my orthodontic patients by integrating iTrac®Therapy.

- Mark Tindall, DDS, MS, Tindall Orthodontics

Cameron Bigge

“iTrac® is the Rolls Royce of cervical curve remodeling! The iTrac® technology allows patients to maintain comfort and relaxation during treatment-I have patients fall asleep while undergoing treatment on the iTrac®. This has translated into better patient compliance, better results and a better patient experience. I highly recommend the iTrac for your clinic!”

- Cameron Bigge DC

Luis Perez DC

“Do you ever have a patient case where you’re baffled and wondering what you’re missing?

Unfortunately, patient’s daily activities, such as sitting at a desk for hours, video gaming or constant texting could be making their conditions worse.  And, in some cases, their conditions are being exacerbated by military neck, retrolisthesis or 3” to 4” of head forward posture.

iTrac® has helped us take some of the guesswork out of these challenging cases.  We’ve simply added iTrac® sessions to patient’s current treatment plans.  Their progress is tracked using posture analysis software, which allows the patient to understand the relationship between their condition/symptoms, x-rays and posture.

We perform Cox flexion/distraction and integrate the iTrac® system.  The combination has been very rewarding for our practice and it allows our patients to feel, see and understand the benefit of corrective care, so they have visual evidence of their improvement and they can easily share their experience with family and friends."

- Luis Perez DC

Jeremy Ryan DC

"The iTrac® cervical curve remodeling system has been a great addition to my practice. I have been able to encourage patients to pursue corrective care now that I have a proven method for creating structural changes. My patient compliance and outcomes for cervical spine conditions have improved dramatically since incorporating iTrac® Therapy.”

- Jeremy Ryan DC